Notable features of ShoppySoft

Product Description: Product list with pictures, accurate quantification, verification, accurate supply data available and new products can be easily added.

Purchase and Sale Details: Purchase and Sale information can be viewed.

Debt Consolidation: Quickly get a list of customer debts

Error Correction: Any purchase / sale related entry / inclusion can be corrected without any hassle.

Product Search: Product Barcode, Serial Number, I. M. I. E. All product information can be easily searched using A duplicate list of the serial numbers in stock is available

Transfer: Information related to the transfer of goods or money from one branch of the organization to another can be attached and inserted.

Product Warranty: Information on service warranty, changeable eligibility for sold products can be sought

Customer List: Full account is available with ease by any one name, mobile number or address.

Employee / Officer Details: Identity and salary information of all officers-employees can be recorded and report prepared.

Deposit & Loan Details: Full details of loan / deposit can be easily recorded.

Miscellaneous: Daily Weekly Monthly or between two specific days of purchase, sale, profit, customer and any other recorded complete copy of the required information can be easily found.

In addition to the above features, many more features have been added based on the opinions of other users.

Contact for details: 017-15-408083 / 017-16-774264